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China wholesaler Hydraulic Drive Spindle EP-MDH-65 for Gearbox with Great quality

Hydraulic Drive Spindle EP-MDH-65 for Gearbox


The hydraulic drive spindle, also known as bearing housing, is a part of the gearbox of agricultural machinery

Our gearbox has many items for you to choose from. We can produce according to your drawings or samples to meet your special requirements
1. High output torque
2. Safe, reliable, economical, and durable
3. Stable transmission and quiet operation
4. Strong bearing capacity
5. Highly modular design, easy to configure various external power inputs. The same model can be equipped with various power motors. Easy to realize the combination and connection of various models
6. Transmission ratio: fine subdivision and wide range. The combined machine can form a very large transmission ratio, that is, output at a very low speed.
7. Installation form: unlimited installation position.
8. The high-strength and compact box body is made of high-strength cast iron, and the gear and gear shaft are made of gas carburizing, quenching and fine grinding processes, so the bearing capacity per unit volume is high.
9. Long service life: under the condition of correct model selection (including a selection of appropriate operating parameters) and normal operation and maintenance, the service life of main components (except vulnerable parts) of the reducer shall not be less than 20000 hours. Vulnerable parts include lubricating oil, oil seal, and bearing.
10. Low noise: since the main components of the reducer have been processed and strictly tested, the noise of the reducer is very low.
11. Our gearbox has reached the international advanced level and can replace similar imported products.

Customized service of agricultural gearbox

◆ Can according to your Drawings or samples to manufacturing the exact products as your requirements.
◆ Imported our products to many countries, we have advanced technical support with strict quality control.
◆ Small quantities can be accepted with a fast delivery time.


We Also Supply PTO Shafts

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